He ran to Mark’s door and banged it hard.

“What do you want?” said Mark.

We missed Ben.

Mark ran and opened the door, “Yes we did, but I’m tracking him.”


“When he came by here yesterday, I put a tracker on the inside of his shoe.”



Mark came out of his room carrying a bag with five million shillings they had stolen at 12 PM from an Indian at Mawanda Road.

David was lying on the sofa opposite the TV and was watching the CNN channel. He had a 1.5-liter mineral water bottle in front of…

9 PM:

As soon as he came out of the car at CPS, he dialed Muhumuza’s number.

Muhumuza didn’t answer the call. He got James and led him out of the station. They crossed the road and entered the lawn at Constitutional Square. He placed his phone in his pocket…

Thefty — Part 3 — Written by Sam:

They took him to Central Police Station (CPS) on the slope just above Mabirizi Plaza and threw him into a cell crammed with other men.

They was no room for him to maneuver. Every movement he made, his body brushed against the…

He got out of the car and grabbed the suitcase and wheeled it into the plaza using the carry-on handle. He pulled out a piece of paper that said, second floor. It had a map on it. …

Mark walked into the living room of the apartment they shared. He had a plate with yellow noodles with visible steam fading into the air. On top of the noodles was melting cheddar cheese.

James was seated on the couch directly opposite the TV watching a replay of the Arsenal…

David entered the master bedroom and saw his wife seated on his side of the bed tying her hair into a ponytail.

She looked into his eyes.

He did the same. I always greet her every evening. Let me switch it up for a change. He sat on her side…

“Do you know what Ernest did in my class today?” said Patricia.

“No. Who’s Ernest?”

“Well, there’s this new girl from Brazil in my class.”

Sarah left her bed and came and sat on her sister’s bed and rubbed her palms against each other, “Spicy. She must be called Clarita.”

Harriet sat in the front driver’s seat of her husband’s Subaru Forester and shut the door.

David did the same in the driver’s seat.

“Wow that was fun and meaningful,” she said.

“I told you so.”

“I think I want to do this again, and again, and again and again.”

As Derrick was walking out of the bank building that evening he saw Abraham on the phone talking. He headed for the parking lot exit.

Abraham caught up with him, “I’ve been asking around but with no luck.”

“It’s fine,” said Derrick, there must be some deals out there, and…

Gwad Rètrö Rumerz

Play for me and I’ll play for You. Writer, Ugandan

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